For Event Organisers


What is charges of NjoyEventz?

We do not charge anything for listing a event into a website. We only charge for the bookings done through Our fees per ticket is 2% of ticket price (additional 2% will be charged as a payment gateway fees). We do not charge anything for free events. There will be no hidden charges, no set up charges.

How do I get people to book an event?

Whenever you create/list any events, you will get unique event link. You can share the link with people via email or social media. There is share feature on event page, so you can share your event on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Who will pay NjoyEventz fees?

You only need to decide, who will pay the NjoyEventz fees. There is feature while creating/listing a event in a website “Who bear the commission and payment gateway charge?” “Organizer or Customer”. If you select “organizer”, fees will be deducted from the ticket price (e.g. if ticket price is 1000, all fees will be Rs.40 and organizer will get Rs960). If you select “customer”, fees will be added to ticket price and charged to customer (e.g. if ticket price is 1000, Rs40 will be added to the ticket amount as a fees and customer will be charged Rs1040).

When will I get the payment?

Payment will be done after 2 days of events.

How will I delete the event?

For safer side, you are not allowed to delete an event from website. You need to send a mail to with event link.


For Customers


Do I need to create a account to book a ticket?

Account will be created automatically when you book the ticket first time. You will receive the credential via mail. Then going forward you need to login to book a ticket.

Will I receive confirmation mail or SMS?

Yes, you will receive confirmation email as well as SMS for paid event booking and only confirmation email for free event registration.

Can I cancel the booking?

We do not take any responsibility about cancellation. Event organizer will take a decision and refund the amount (if required). Please get in touch with event organizer with booking details.